Small Claims Court

The Small Claims Court deals with civil claims worth the principal amount of $35,000 plus costs, disbursements, and pre and post judgment interest.  Common claims include breach of contract, torts, negligence, common law causes of action, and statutory liabilities.  Small Claims Court fees are usually charged in blocks or on a no win no fee basis for selected files.  No win no fee cases only require costs and disbursements to be paid by the client unless we are successful in collecting money.

Breach of Contract

When 2 or more people form an agreement, either in writing or verbally, to provide something of value to each other this forms what is called a contract.  The terms of a contract are legally enforceable.  Damages for breach of contract are intended to place the Plaintiff in a situation that is as similar as possible to the situation that the Plaintiff would be in had the contract not been breached or had the contract not been entered in to.  

Contract Review


Torts are civil causes of action that were created by court precedent.  Many torts have their roots in foreign common law legal systems, commonly England.  Some torts have been codified in statutes such as defamation torts.  The purpose of torts is to place a Plaintiff in a position that is as close as possible to the position that they would be in had they not been wronged.  Common torts include negligence, libel, and slander.


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