Administrative Tribunals

Administrative tribunals are quasi-judicial decision-makers that act similar to but are distinct from courts.  Common administrative tribunals include the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario, Landlord and Tenant Board, Workplace Safety and Insurance Board, Financial Services Commission of Ontario, and many more.  Tribunal cases are generally charged in block fees or on a no win no fee basis for selected cases.  No win no fee cases only require you to pay for costs and disbursements unless money is collected.


Human Rights

Human rights statutes are quasi-constitutional laws that protect against harassment, discrimination, and sexual harassment.  In Ontario, the Ontario Human Rights Code protects citizens in Ontario and the Canadian Human Rights Code protects citizens inter-provincially.  There is a clear duty to accommodate people who are protected under the grounds outlined in the codes.  There are limits on the requirement to accommodate.  Human rights legislation is an important part of everyday life and impacts virtually all aspects of life from services, to housing, to employment.

Signing a Contract

Residential Tenancies

In Ontario, residential tenancies are governed by the Residential Tenancies Act and adjudicated in the Landlord and Tenant Board.  An important aspect of landlord and tenant law is determining whether the Residential Tenancies Act applies to a specific tenancy.  The Residential Tenancies Act governs many aspects of a residential tenancy including what a tenancy agreement must say, what qualifies as a residential tenancy, and how, and when maintenance can be performed.


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