Ontario Human Rights Tribunal

In Ontario, the Ontario Human Rights Tribunal has a specialized responsibility to deal with civil damages and remedies relating to discrimination, harassment, and sexual harassment within Ontario's jurisdiction.  In order for a party to be entitled to remedies at the Ontario Human Rights Tribunal they must establish that they were unfairly treated because of a protected ground in a protected area under the Ontario Human Rights Code.  There is a duty to accommodate a person falling under a protected ground to the point of undue hardship in a protected area.  What is considered undue hardship is largely contextual and depends on the facts of the situation.  An Applicant has a duty to mitigate their losses to be entitled to remedies.  Applications at the Ontario Human Rights Tribunal must generally be filed within 1 year of the incident or last incident in a chain of incidents.  The most common form of breach that happens in Ontario is unfair treatment relating to a disability in a workplace.  Applications relating to sexual harassment or discrimination that culminate in sexual assault tend to be awarded the most significant remedies.  Contact Joseph Gelinas, Licensed Paralegal for a free quote and consultation.


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