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Gelinas Limited Scope Legal Services is owned and operated by Joseph S. Phillip Gelinas and is offering non-lawyer legal services within Saskatchewan, from Moose Jaw, in areas such as small claims litigations and residential landlord and tenant disputes as a Limited License Pilot Practitioner (Law Society of Saskatchewan).  Joseph is a graduate of Humber College with a Paralegal Studies degree and began providing legal services as a Licensed Paralegal in Ontario in 2016.  Joseph can provide limited scope legal services under the Limited Licensing Pilot initiative by the Law Society of Saskatchewan.  Joseph is a Notary Public in Saskatchewan and Ontario.

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Small Claims Litigation

In Saskatchewan, the Provincial Court deals with claims under The Small Claims Act, 2016, SS 2016 and it's regulations.  These disputes include most civil claims worth the monetary value and/or the return and recovery of personal property totaling a principal amount of $30,000 or less, exclusive of costs and interest.  A counter-claimant may be able to claim in excess of $30,000 if they offset the initial claim.  Under the Small Claims Act, 2016, the Provincial Court has limited powers of equitable relief.  Certain civil causes of actions, and subsequently the related claims, are excluded from claims under the Small Claims Act either expressly or because they should more properly be brought to another court, tribunal, decision maker and/or under different legislation.  As a general rule, most claims under the Small Claims Act must be commenced within 2 years of the law deeming them to have been "discovered".  In some situations there may be a need to provide a notice or other specified communications before a claim is commenced, which may involved its own time limitation.  In Saskatchewan, the Provincial Court does not deal with the enforcement of judgments under the Small Claims Act.

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Residential Landlord and Tenant Disputes

In Saskatchewan, residential tenancy disputes, as defined by the Residential Tenancies Act, 2006, and it's regulations, are often dealt with through the Office of Residential Tenancies.  This is a quasi-judicial decision maker, similar to a court, that hears and decides cases under its jurisdiction.  Often, hearings will be held in a less formal setting and with less formal procedure than a court would.  It is important that disputes brought before the Office of Residential Tenancies fit within the confines of what the Act and regulations establish as falling within its jurisdiction.  Applications or claims under the Residential Tenancies Act are expected to be commenced within 1 year after the date of the act or omission giving rise to the claim, unless the act or omission happened before September 15, 2021 in which case they have 2 years.

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Notary Public Services

Have your oaths, declarations, and affidavits sworn, affirmed, and/or declared for use in Saskatchewan.  Issue a deed, contract, or other document.  Sign a passport, certify a true copy.  Starting at $10 and up based on complexity, plus disbursements.

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Disclaimer and Information about the Limited Licensing Pilot (Law Society of Saskatchewan)

Disclaimer: Phoning, emailing, messaging or otherwise contacting Joseph Gelinas, Gelinas Limited Scope Legal Services, and/or Gelinas Paralegal Services, does not establish a representative-client relationship. A representative-client relationship is only established if it has been agreed to by the representative and the client(s). Do not provide any confidential or sensitive information when contacting Joseph Gelinas, Gelinas Limited Scope Legal Services, and/or Gelinas Paralegal Services. Nothing written on this site is to be taken as legal advice. Laws and the interpretations of laws are constantly changing and may have changed since this website was published. The facts of each case are unique and the laws may apply differently.

Important information about my relationship with the Law Society of Saskatchewan: I am not a lawyer or member regulated by the Law Society of Saskatchewan and the Law Society of Saskatchewan does not supervise my education, training or qualifications, or, apply a Code of Conduct or ethical standards (e.g. solicitor client privilege does not apply), provide a complaints or discipline process, nor mandate professional liability insurance with respect to my services; a Consumer Review Form is available to help the Law Society of Saskatchewan understand consumer experiences when accessing legal services through the Pilot.

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