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Joseph Gelinas, Licensed Paralegal

Joseph Gelinas is a legal representative licensed by the Law Society of Ontario as a paralegal. Joseph provides a variety of legal services in Central Ontario and the Greater Toronto Area. Areas of practice including Small Claims Court, human rights, and tenant applications.

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Small Claims Court

The Ontario Small Claims Court deals with civil claims worth the principal amount of $35,000 plus costs, disbursements, and pre and post judgment interest.  Common claims include breach of contract, torts, negligence, common law causes of action, and statutory liabilities.

Discrimination, Harassment, Sexual Harassment

In Ontario, the Ontario Human Rights Tribunal deals with most cases of discrimination, harassment, and sexual harassment.  The Ontario Human Rights Tribunal has powers to order broad remedies for monetary damages, non-monetary relief, and public interest remedies.

Residential Tenancy Issues

When a tenant's rights under the Residential Tenancies Act in Ontario are breached, generally, the Landlord and Tenant Board has powers over providing remedies.  The Landlord and Tenant Board has powers to order broad remedies including monetary damages worth a principal amount of up to $35,000 and non-monetary orders.


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Please note that not all cases are taken on contingency and that Joseph Gelinas, Licensed Paralegal can only be retained for a contingency case when a contingency retainer is signed. Criminal and quasi-criminal offences are restricted from being taken on contingency by the Law Society of Ontario.

Disclaimer: Phoning, emailing, messaging or otherwise contacting Joseph Gelinas, Licensed Paralegal does not establish a paralegal-client relationship. A paralegal-client relationship is only established if a retainer has been agreed to. Do not provide any confidential or sensitive information when contacting Joseph Gelinas, Licensed Paralegal. Nothing written on this site​ is to be taken as legal advice.  Laws and the interpretations of laws are constantly changing and may have changed since this article was published.  The facts of each case are unique and the laws may apply differently.